Sunday, August 29, 2010

Being Normal

What is normal?

How does someone come to that conclusion?

I know !?

- Their foundation or someone elses?!

Where does it come from? Them?
- No it does not. Normal comes from their parents and if they have nothing, then they have everybody elses values.

Everyone gives advise and everyone fails at some point.

So what is normal?
- Nothing :(

Normal is a cop out of eutopia and failure.

Nothing is normal. Nothing is the same.

The meaning of normal states:
Nothing gets worse or better. It just stays the same without challenge.

Do you really want to be normal?

Getting Older

Why are people afraid of getting old?
Does it hurt?
Does it worry you?
Does it make you fat?
Do you lose control?
Do you lose respect?
Does it make you depressed?

Yes!!  But why?
Getting old is physical and not mental.

I look forward to being wise and not stupid.

I believe the things that get old are the surroundings, because you always feel older if you never try something new.

A lot of people think something new is sex, however sex is physical and when you are older, things change. True passion is the feelings in the mind that never gets old. You are as young as you feel and think.

I have seen more people older with the feeling of true happiness, than young people having their first mistakes or their first true misery. Bliss mean nothing unless you know you have lost it.

Getting older hurts but you get use to the pain. Just never quit being young and wise!