Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Canvas of Life

Starts out white

Ends up black

You choose the colors in between

(my favorite color is blue)

For the kids

For the kids (under 12)

What about that?

Everything should be for the kids... Right?!

It should be as long as your not spoilling them!

It's not enogh to give, it should be about giving a child the outlook on life. 

Not about being spoiled and rotten, but about showing with example.

No money!
No gifts! 
No ice cream!

Just compassion and the willingness to teach!

A Treasure hunt is a good example of quality time with children, (You figure that out, but it envolves a compass and a  map) even if a wooden box and polished rocks is the reward.

Inspiring memories are priceless and fat free!